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studio19st collaborations -videos- [ L. Project 2 ]

[ Ελληνικά - (gr) ]

L. Project 2 : studio19st collaborations.

[ audio visual materials from various projects ]


Co-operations for various projects with, composers,directors, choreographers, plastic artists, musicians, filmmakers, visual artists etc.rojects with musicians, composers, directors, choreographers, plastic artists etc.



Sound Design for the Performance :

"Odyssey" By Robert Wilson, after Homer at NATIONAL THEATRE OF GREECE and PICCOLO Teatro di Milano.
Robert Wilson's encounter with Homer is one of the major artistic events of this season. The sensitivity, inventiveness and imagination of the great American director resonate with the Homeric spirit, creating a spellbinding new theatrical language. Eighteen carefully chosen performers and Wilson's own internationally renowned collaborators bring all their artistry to bear on this unique venture, which is intended for all audiences, regardless of age or experience of the theatre.


"11 Meetings with my father"
film by Nikos Kornilios

Sound Design & sound mix for Nikos Kornilios film :

"11 Meetings with my father"
Actors : Lampros Apostolou, Eva Galogavrou, Eva Stylander, Giorgos Tzouvelekis & Maira Milolidaki.
Credits :
Script: Kikos Kornilios, Eugenia Papageorgiou
Photoghraphy : Klaoundio Bolivar, Nikos Thomas
Editing : Eugenia Papageorgiou.
Sound recording on location : Βασιλική Πούλου
Sound design & sound mix : Costas Bokos (studio19st)


"The Globalising Wall | 2012"
Danae Stratou instalation

Sound, image synthesis and processing for:

Installation of Danae Stratou "The Globalising Wall | 2012". A video installation project by artist Danae Stratou based on a text by Yanis Varoufakis.
Walls have a longstanding relation both with liberty from fear and subjugation to another's will. After 1945, walls acquired an unprecedented determination to divide. They spread like a bushfire from Berlin to Palestine, from the tablelands of Kashmir to the villages of Cyprus, from the Korean peninsula to the streets of Belfast. When the Cold War ended, we were told to expect their dismantling. Instead, they are growing taller, more impenetrable, longer. They leap from one continent onto the next. They are globalising. From the West Bank to Kosovo, from the gated communities of Egypt to those of California, from the killing fields of old Ethiopia to the US-Mexico borders, a seamless wall is meandering its way, both physically and emotionally, on the planet's surface. Its spectre is upon us - Yanis Varoufakis
The video installation has been presented at the International Visual Arts Program (2010); The Adelaide Festival, Exhibition RESTLESS - Adelaide International 2012, Australia, curated by Victoria Lynn.



"Icesongs2" at EMST

Video, sound synthesis, sound design & sound mix for:

A project by Danae Stratou in collaboration with Vasilis Koundouris (studio19st)
ICESONGS2 belongs to the permanent collection of the National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST)
in Athens, Greece.
It was shown at the exhibition:
Sonic Time - speech/sound/silence.
From the EMST collection.
Curated by Anna Kafetsi. Athens, Greece,
(May – Oct. 2012)



"City1" Live - multimedia performance

Sound design, sound synthesis & video by
Costas Bokos & Vasilis Kountouris of studio19st (multimedia team).

"City1' Multimedia music performance for flute, guitar &
live surround sound.
(pre-recorded & processed audio materials)
and video projection.
Stella Gadedi - flute, Yorgos Mouloudakis - guitar, studio19st sounds and video.


"Insenso / Opera" - Dimitris Dimitriadis

Sound Design for the Performance :

Insenso / Opera - Dimitris Dimitriadis
Theseum Ensemble at Athens Festival 2012
Direction Michael Marmarinos
Original music Dimitris Kamarotos
Sound design Studio19st
Sets – Costume designer Dora Lelouda
Lighting designer Giannis Drakoularakos
Assistant directors Myrto Pervolarak - Elena Hasiotou
Sound flow supervisor Kostas Bokos (Studio19)Performers: Sandra Garuglieri, Nadia Mourouzi, Maria Nafpliotou, Ilektra Nikolouzou, Theodora Tzimou, Jenny Drivala, Ioanna Asimakopoulou, Alexandra Aidini, Marilou Vomvolou,Virginia Katsouna, Katerina Kyvetou, Reggina Mandilari, Dafni Manousou, Evi Blesiou, Eleni Petassi,Olga Spyraki, Maria Stavraka, Dora Stylianesi, Sofia Filonos, Anastasia Chatzara, PianoIrene Tiniakou.



Human in Standing-Wave Harmonies - Live

Live video projections for :

[K]NOTmusic presents
Humans in Standing-Wave Harmonies
Analog Sound Live Performance with Live Visual Projection of "Water Audio Patterns".
Dimitris Kamarotos & Nikos Kyriazopoulos perform a special concert that took place in Knot Gallery in Athens 05/13/2012. Performing with modular synthesizer systems and electromechanic devices the artists built long duration soundscapes of sine waves, mechanical noise and electronic pulsers. Vassilis Koundouris (studio19st) manipulated the system's audio output signal producing video projections of special "water - Chladni" Patterns.



Black Boxes Digital

Sound synthesis, sound design , video & sound mix for:

"Black Boxes!"
A project by Danae Stratou
VIDEO CREDITS: Video Design: Danae Stratou & Vasilis Kountouris (Studio19st) Video Editing: Vasilis Kountouris (Studio19st), sound Synthesis: Costas Bokos & Vasilis Kountouris (Studio19st), sound Design: Danae Stratou & Costas Bokos (Studio19st), audio & Video Post Production : Studio19st, Sound mixing & mastering: Costas Bokos (Studio19st)



Black Boxes! a project by Danae stratou

Sound synthesis, sound design , video & sound mix for:

"It's Time To Open The Black Boxes !" - Exhibition
A project by Danae Stratou at Zoumboulakis Galleries
Kolonaki Sq Athens (19/04/2012-19/05/12)
Project Collaborators: Research & Catalogue Text: Yanis Varoufakis, catalogue Text: Sozita Goudouna, video Design: Danae Stratou & Vasilis Kountouris (Studio19st), sound Synthesis: Costas Bokos & Vasilis Kountouris (Studio19st), sound mixing & mastering: Costas Bokos (Studio19st), sound design: Danae Stratou & Costas Bokos (Studio19st), audio & video Post Production : Studio19st, Aluminum boxes manufacturing: ELVAL S.A. Partheniou SA, Mevaco SA Research



"Koutroulis's Wedding" by Alexandros Rizos Rangavis National Theatre of Greece

"Koutroulis's Wedding"directed by Vasilis Papavasileiou National Theatre of Greece

Video synthesis for title animation of theatrical performance :

"Koutroulis's Wedding" by Alexandros Rizos Rangavis
at National Theatre of Greece (Ziller building - Main stage). Directed by Vasilis Papavasileiou.
Alexandros Rizos Rangavis wrote Koutroulis’s Wedding in 1845, but for 21st-century audiences the play might have been written today. It is a political satire that exposes all the ills that have accompanied the state of affairs and the mentality prevailing in Greece from its foundation to the present day. Cronyism, slavish deference to all things foreign, lack of authenticity, vested interests, corruption and bribery are just some of the issues addressed in Rangavis’s comedy, the timelessness of which now gives a tragic edge to a reality that to a great extent is no different today. This acerbic and topical play is brought to the Main Stage of the Greek National Theatre by one of the country’s most important directors, Vasilis Papavasileiou.
Directed by
Vasilis Papavasileiou, Adapted by Vasilis Papavasileiou and Sotiris Haviaras.
Set and costumes designed by
Marie-Noelle Seme. Music composed by Dimitris Kamaroto.s
Lighting designed by
Eleftheria Deko.
Movement by
Video by
Vasilis Kontouris (studio 19).
Music coach
Melina Peonidou.
Assistant to the director
Nikoleta Filosoglou. Assistant to the lighting designer Manto Melachroinou
Manolis Koutroulis, a tailor from Syros
Nikos Karathanos, Spyros, a hotelier in Athens
Nikos Hatzopoulos, Anthousa, Spyros’s daughter
Galini Hatzipaschali, Strovilis, Koutroulis’s apprentice
Manolis Mavromatakis, Leonidas Xanthoulis, police clerk, Thanassis Dimou, Misthofas Sotiris Tsakomidis, Sfikias Michalis Sarantis, Fiviskos Angelos Bouras, Students at Spyros’s cafe Alexandra Aidini, Angelos Bouras, Laertis Malkotsis, Christina Maxouri, Michalis Sarantis, Angelos Triandafyllou, Sotiris Tsakomidis, Musicians, Thanassis Dimou (double bass), Laertis Malkotsis (drums, electric bass), Michalis Sarantis (kazoo) , Angelos Triandafyllou (piano), Sotiris Tsakomidis (drums).


Diary of a Devil - Guitarte Ensemble


Video synthesis & processing, for the multimedia performance:

"The Diary of a Devil or The agreement of poets" by Guitarte Ensemble. Performance for a group of mucisians, a female singer, 2 actors, a dancer and live video projection. Texts from poems of poets K.P. Kavafis & F. Pesoa. Music : Nikos Hatzieleutheriou, Guitarte Ensemble (guitar group) : Nikos Hatzieleutheriou, Fragoulis Karagianopoulos, Christos Faklaris, Yannis Galitis and Odysseas Georgiadis. Singer : Anna Sartzidou. Naration : Ioanna Agelidi. Dance : Katerina Maneli. Video-art-sound processing : Vasilis Kountouris-Costas Bokos (studio19st).
Theatre Vafeio - Athens.


Savina Yannatou - Like love or light

Video for "Like love or light" by Savina Yannatou

CD: "rosa das rosas"
Music: Savina Yannatou-Lyrics: Sophia Yannatou
Thimios Papadopoulos: flute, clarinet, saxophones
Stelios Zachariou: percussion
Savina Yannatou: synthesizer
Video credits: Underwater video by Vasilis Kountouris & installation by Radart team.
Video editing: Savina Yannatou, Vasilis Kountouris (studio19st)



Savina Yannatou - A hint of moon

Video for "A hint of moon" by Savina Yannatou

CD: "rosa das rosas"
Music: Savina Yannatou-Lyrics: Sophia Yannatou
Thimios Papadopoulos: flute, clarinet, saxophones
Stelios Zachariou: percussion
Savina Yannatou & Panos Ghekas: synthesizer
Video credits: Extracts from " Dance theatre of Natassa Douka".
Video editing: Savina Yannatou, Vasilis Kountouris (studio19st)



Savina Yannatou - Wet roses

Video for "Wet roses" by Savina Yannatou

CD: "rosa das rosas"
Music: Savina Yannatou-Lyrics: Sophia Yannatou
Thimios Papadopoulos: flute, clarinet, saxophones
Stelios Zachariou: percussion
Savina Yannatou: synthesizer
Video credits: Extracts from " Dance theatre of Natassa Douka".
Video editing: Savina Yannatou, Vasilis Kountouris (studio19st)



Emotone / Tomas Weiss & Tania Giannouli - Vertigo

Video synthesis for:

Emotone / Tomas Weiss & Tania Giannouli - Vertigo
From the CD Album "Slow Motion" (Databloem)
Music: Emotone (Tomas Weiss & Tania Giannouli)



"The Mother of dog" National Theatre of Greece

Photographs & Video processing for:

"The Mother of dog" by Pavlos Matesis.
at National Theatre of Greece (Ziller building - Nikos Kourkoulos new stage).
The Greek National Theatre has invited the award-winning Serbian director, Nikita Milivojevic, who is well-known for previous successes in Greece (Crime and Punishment, Don Juan), to bring Matesis’s unique world to the stage.
Direction / Adaptation
Nikita Milivojevic.
Dimitris Kamarotos.
Set - costumes
Kenny MacLellan.
Amalia Bennet.
Sakis Birbilis.
Vivi Spathoula.
Assistant to the director
Xenia Themeli.
Assistant to the set designer
Irini Kontaxaki
Father / Honest man
Kostas Vasardanis, Kyria Kanello Angeliki Dimitrakopoulou, Father Dinos Vasilis Karaboulas, Salome Jenny Kollia, Mother of Roubini & Raraou (at an older age)/Chrysafaina/ Fani Ivonni Maltezou, Raraou Themis Bazaka, Roubini Iro Bezou, Disabled person Themistoklis Panou, Mother of Roubini & Raraou Theodora Tzimou, Fanis Giannis Tseberlidis, Alfio Antonis Fragakis.



Emotone Live

Video synthesis & live video projections for:

Live concert : Databloem Label Night
:: Tomas Weiss
:: Emotone
:: Con_Sense
Including Exclusive Premier Performance of tracks from the upcoming Con_Sense album
Performers: Tomas Weiss (Live Electronics, Synths)
Tania Gianouli (piano)
Solis Barki (Percussion, Rare Instruments)
Vasilis Tzavaras (Guitars, FX, Loops)
Live video : Vasilis Kountouris (Studio 19st).



Modern e-Quartet - "Voluntary Electrocution the next day" live at Athens Concert Hall

Sound design, live sound mix for the multimedia concert:

"Voluntary Electrocution - The next Day" Multimedia Concert with "Modern e-Quartet", with works written
specifically for electric string quartet, synthesizers, percussion, and pre-recorded video projection equipment.
Composers: Modern-e-Quartet, George Hatzimichelakis, Spyros Makarounas, Ceci Quinteros, Constantine Katomeri, Marios Tsagaris, Costas Eliades, Thanos Mikroutsikos, Demetrio Stratos, Paul Evernden,
[Mitropoulos Hall at the Megaron the Athens Concert Hall].



Dimitris Kamarotos - "NoOneCured" Live

Video for:

Live concert "NoOneCured"
Music for theatre by Dimitris Kamarotos
Amalia Moutoussi vocals
Anastasia Eden vocals & Harp
Irini Tiniakou keyboards & piano
Dimitris Kamarotos guit & loops
Nick Kyriazopoulos live electronics
THESEUM - a theatre for the arts - Athens
(Gig 15Feb 2011) filmed & edited by Vassilis Kountouris(studio19st).



"Jelena, Katarina, Marija"
feature film directed by Nikita Milivogievits

Sound Design & sound mix for Nikita Milivojević film :

"Jelena, Katarina, Marija" feature film
 directed by Nikita Milivogievits, Music Dimitris Kamarotos. Sound design, Foley Effects, Surround Mix 5.1: studio19.



"Icesongs" by Danae Stratou

Sound processing, synthesis and sound design for:

"ICESONGS" an installation by Danae Stratou, 2010. La Verrière, Fondation d'enterprise Hermès, (Brussels - Belgium). Curated by Alice Morgaine.
A square, shallow water tank, located centrally in the space, is fully filled. The whole floor resembles an abstract image, a dark blue square gradually transforming into a bright white, as it reaches the room's edges.



"vital Space - Documentation"

Sound Mastering for:

A project by Danae Stratou. In the context of Istanbul Cultural Capital of Europe 2010. A first version of Vital Space – Humanity was presented in Istanbul in 10 & 11 / 2010 at Tophane. This video installation has been Danae Stratou’s participation in the project Lives and Works in Istanbul. Danae Stratou was invited to participate by the Visual Arts Director, Beral Madra. Other artists who participated in the project are: Victor Burgin, Sophie Calle, Antoni Muntadas, Peter Kögler and Remo Salvadori. Sound & music Makis Faros.
The shooting in Istanbul took place last April & May, during Danae Stratou’s and her collaborators’ stay in the city.



"DOS" film by Stathis Athanasiou

Music mix for:

"DOS" a film by Stathis Athanasiou
DOS | a love story, in reverse...
Athens-Barcelona - Two cities...
Two love stories...Two languages...
Two realities...Two couples that will never cross paths...
...or is it all one ?
Director - Stathis Athanasiou / D.O.P. - Spyros Pagonis /
Production Designer - Michalis Samiotis / Music - Thodoris Abazis / Sound Design - Nikos Tsines
Sound Recordist - George-Aris Anastasopoulos
Costumes - Assi Dimitrolopoulou.
Cast: David "Fabu" Fernandez, Marina Kalogirou
Stavros Giagoulis, Ines Castaño


"Tihodioktis" Vasilis Papavasileiou-Athens Festival.

Special titles synthesis & image processing for the theatre play :

"Tihodioktis" by Michael Hourmouzis.
Directed by Vassilis Papavassiliou.
Music: Dimitris Kamarotos
Cast : Yiorghos Gianakakos, Thanasis Dimou, Elias Zervos, Vaisilis Papavasileiou, Dimitris Papanikolaou, Hronis Paulidis, Vasilis Halakatevakis.
[Festival of Athens, Piraeus 260 [H], Athens].


"Start from scratch" digital choreography by Maria Wiener

Digital video processing-painting & editing for:

"Start from scratch" by Maria Wiener
The digital choreography and soundtrack of "Start from Scratch" attempt to reveal the feelings of liberation, anguish, fear and excitement that people experience when they have to adapt to new beginnings. This work is a study and testimony on how humans are deconstructing themselves into their different segments before they synthesize again, through countless options and chaotic trajectories, revealing their unimaginable potential.



"Acropolis Reconstruction"Theseum Ensemble-Michael Marmarinos

Video-Image Processing (& subtitling) for theatre play :

"ACROPOLIS - reconstruction", directed by Michael Marmarinos-Theseum Enseble,  a theater for the arts. Based on Wyspianski's play and Grotowski's performance "The play, with its fantasticality and symbolisation surpassing over all previous works, is an image of evolving humanity in its warlike and pastoral aspects, with the power of a song prevailing over all." The Greek production of Akropolis Reconstruction is an artistic attempt to be an exact copy of the Polish one, produced by Teatr Wspolczesny - Wroclaw. The Greek production is fully greatfull to the artists of the Polish production. Translation from the Polish Text: Dimitris Chouliarakis/ /Direction - Dramaturgy: Michael Marmarinos/Music: Dimitris Kamarotos/Set Design: Antonis Daglidis/ Costum Design: Dora Lelouda / Light Design: Giannis Drakoularakos/ Assistant Director: Myrto Pervolaraki /2nd Assistant Director - Polish Tuition: Stamatina Papamichali. [Theseum Theatre, Athens].


"dreams in another language" film by lucia Rikaki

Sound mix for :

"dreams in another language"a film by Lucia Rikaki
My film on the multinational school of Faneromeni in Cyprus. Some times a breath of fresh air brings people together for the most unexpected reason and they become family. Nicosia the only divided European capital 2009. Script, Direction, photography : Lukia Rikaki
Editing: Yiannis Daridis
Music: Kostas Zeugadelis


Modern e-Quartet - "Voluntary Electrocution" live at Bios

Sound design, live sound mix for the multimedia concert:

"Voluntary Electrocution" Multimedia Concert with
"Modern e-Quartet", with works written specifically for electric string quartet, pre-recorded material and video projection. (Kostas Anastasopoulos, violin, Stella Karitinou-violin, Marios Dapergolas-viola, Christopher Humphrys-cello). With participation of Valia Tsimpalaki-keys and Panos Koliavasilis-Percussion Composers: Modern-e-Quartet, George Hatzimichelakis, Spyros Makarounas,
Fanny Kosona, Constantinos Katomeris, Marios Tsagaris, Costas Eliades, Paul Evernden, Director: Jenny Arseni, at Bios, Athens 2010.



Landscape Dance Company

Video for dance performances of Landscape Dance Company.

Choreography by Ioanna Parali
Landscape dance company was founded by the choreographer Ioanna Parali, in the spring of 2002.
The company aims to a circle of creation which uses as main elements the dance and the body.
Its work is characterized by the continuous avocation with subjects concerning the Man and the Environment.



"Left Right" (short film)

Sound mix for:

"Left Right" (short film) by Stavros Raptis-Argiris Germanidis
Synopsis: Two strangers who live in neighboring apartments spend a night together.


"Inhale" Dance performance by Landscape Dance Company & Danae Stratou-music: studio19st

Sound & music synthesis, sound design for:

Installation - dance performance "INHALE".
Choreographed by: Ioanna Parali -
(Landscape Dance Company)
Visual environment installation Danae Stratou
at Technopolis, Gazi, Athens.
Performer: Markella Manoliadis



"Music of the Faces" film by Nikos Kornilios

Sound design and sound mix for:

"Music of the faces "a film by Nikos Kornilios.
Like a person who perpetually changes one’s form, gender, age – I am another person – and attempts to express verbally and silently these few and important things one knows about life, the present and the past; one’s relationship with others.This roaring crowd that each one of us carries within ourselves is the “plot” of this movie.
Actors: Lambros Apostolou, Maria Paschalidou, Tassos Tsakonas, Dafni Manoussou, Costas Veletzas, Emilia Papadakou, Sotiris Poulimenos, Domna Zafiropoulou, Gabriela Vasdeki, Nikos Papaioannou, Vassiliki Troufakou, Orestis Esperinos, Pinelopi Sergounioti, Xenia Politi, Dimitris Stamatelopoulos, Irini Assimakopoulou, Michalis Savvidis, Georgia Papalambrou, Klimis Embeoglou, Pantelis Tragiannis, Omiros Papadopoulos, Kosmas Panayotidis, Artemis Korniliou, Stavros Lolis
Director : Nikos Kornilios, Photographer : Nikos Kornilios Script : Nikos Kornilios & associates, Montage : Michalis Moatsos, production : MachineOff.



"Dying as a Country" performance for 999 performers & 1 microphone.

Sound Design for the Performance :

"Dying as a Country" by Michael Marmarinos
A performance by Michael Marmarinos and Theseum Ensemble based on the text "Dying as a Country" written by Dimitris Dimitriadis. Music by Dimitris Kamarotos.  [Festival of Athens, Piraeus 260, Area D - Athens, July 2007 & June 2008] ... [Wiener Festwochen 2008]...
[Kunstenfestibaldesarts in Brussels 2008] ...  
[International Festival of Theatre in Warsaw: WARSZAWA CENTRALNA 2008] ... [Festival d'Automne, Teatre de Odeon Paris in November 2009] ...



"Cut" by Danae Stratou

Sound synthesis & sound design for:

Sound installation "CUT – 7 Dividing Lines" by visual Artist Danae Stratou.
War and prejudice may divide people, but people are the same and their lives similar on both sides of the dividing line. And yet, the Cut keeps deepening as the Walls keep rising, and globalising, in an era that promised to erase them. Seven open wounds. Seven lines on the planet where political, economic, nationalist or religious tension has long ago shaped impenetrable divisions.CYPRUS: GREEN LINE /
[2010“Politics of Art”, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Curator Dr. Anna Kafetsi. Athens. Greece.]-[2008“Transexperiences - Greece 2008”, 798 Space, Beijing, China. National Museum of Contemporary Art, Curator Dr. Anna Kafetsi.]
[2007“CUT - 7 dividing lines”, Solo Exhibition, Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens, Greece..]
[“Grey”, Rethymnon, Greece. Curator Maria Maragou.
“Bare Life”, Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem, Israel. Curator, Raphie Etgar]
[“1st Thessaloniki Biennale“, Thessaloniki, Greece. Curator Maria Tsantsanoglou. CUT- 7 dividing lines belongs to and is permanently exhibited at the Emfietzoglou Collection, Contemporary Art Museum in Athens, Greece]


"Ninth Hour"dance performance by" X it " dance company-Fotis Nikolaou

Sound design, live sound mix for the dance performance:

"Ninth Hour", choreography - direction: Fotis Nikolaou, Music: Dimitris Kamarotos, Athens Festival
[at Athens Festival Theatre "School", Athens] ...
[Kalamata International Dance Festival]...
[European Dance Festival, Limassol Cyprus, Larnaca]



Analysis Dance Company "Variation ND"

Video for the dance performance:

"Variation ND" by Analysis Dance Company
Choreography by Valia Alexandratou
The work premiered on May 3, 2006 at the "Acropol" Theatre of the Greek National Opera in Athens.
"Variation N.D." is a re-imagined adaptation of the choreography "Continuous Painting," first presented by Analysis Dance Company on February 9, 1998 at the Sylvia and Danny Kaye Playhouse in New York.



Analysis Dance Company
"Show Time"

Video for the dance performance:

"Show Time" by Analysis Dance Company
Choreography by Valia Alexandratou
The work premiered on May 3, 2006 at the "Acropol" Theatre of the Greek National Opera in Athens.
"Showtime" escapes into dream and imagination and reveals the story of Twelfth Night as of the dance of love or fancy "so full of shapes ... that it alone is high-fantastical." Defined roles are sustained in the plot of the dance, while movement is invested with the mystical inspiration of the blues.



Landscape Dance Company "Missing People"

Video for the dance performance:

"Missing People" (demo)-Landscape Dance Company-Choreography Ioanna Parali.
Thessaloniki, Greece – Theater of the Society for the Makedonic Studies - 1st Balkan Performing Arts Market Athens, Greece – Hitirio theatre - 5th Dance Festival of the Greek Choreographers Association Limassol, Cyprus - Distinction – 9th European Dance festival – Rialto Theatre



"the Soma" by Danae Stratou

Sound synthesis, sound design & video (promo) animation & design for:

Video / sound installation "THE SOMA" of visual artist Danae Stratou. The Soma The Psyche The Spirit The Self is a video installation projected on two facing freestanding walls. It comprises two counter-opposed projections, mirroring one another, and depicting the figure of a Shaolin monk, in his traditional orange robe, moving in from a distance.[Thessaloniki, Seville (Spain), Athens 2005 - 2006]



"Hold me" film by Lucia Rikaki

Sound mix for:

"Hold me" a film by Lucia Rikaki.
Director, screenplay, production : Lucia Rikaki, photography : Dimitris Katsaitis, sound: Nikos Bouyioukos, editor : Yannis Daridis.


"Yannis Moralis" documentary

Sound mix for:

"Yannis Moralis" documentary film by Stelios Charalambopoulos. Music Nikos Kypourgos. Sound Fanis Karagiorgos, editing Apostolos Karakasis, Photography Yannis Varvarigos, producer Thanos Lambropoulos, script & direction Stelios Charalambopoulos, Co-producers: PERIPLOUS - CL PRODUCTIONS - ERT - ECC.
With the support of the Media Plus Development - Slate Funding) (* Award: International Critics (FIPRESCI) at the 8th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.


"See through" by Danae Stratou

Sound synthesis & sound design for:

"See through" by Danae Stratou. During her travells she photographed, recorded sounds, and wrote. This led to a photographic exhibition « See Through », which took place in Athens in April 2005. Her desire was to share images, thoughts and experiences of this important adventure to her own life. It was an experience that enriched and deepened her awareness of the world that surrounds us...



"The River of life" by Danae Stratou

Sound synthesis & sound design for:

Video / sound installation "The River of life" of

Danae Stratou in the exibitioin "Intercultural" the National Contemporary Museum of

Modern Art (E.M.S.T.). International contemporary art exhibition in the Cultural

Olympiad, Ministry of Culture [New Wing Megaron the Athens Concert Hall].



Analysis Dance Company "Handing Over"

Video for the dance performance:

"Show Time" by Analysis Dance Company
Choreography by Valia Alexandratou.
The choreography was commissioned by the Greek State School of Dance for the Hellenic Dance Company and was performed in June 2004 at the Athens Concert Hall. Danced to music by Stephane Crappelli and Dmitri Shostakovich, the work is in five parts and is characterized by a minimalist and light-hearted mood.



"Kithaeron" dance performance

Sound synthesis in collaboration with Dimitris Kourtakis for the dance performance :

"Kithaeron" - Choreography - Staging: Konstantinos Rigos, Set design: Kenny Maclellan, Costumes: Natasha Dimitriou, Light design: Stelios Tzolopoulos – Tasos Dailidis, Dramaturg consultors : Eleni Papazoglou
Assistant to the choreographer: Amalia BennettProduction: National Theatre Of Northern Greece,
Dancetheatre of Irina Pauls, Dell΄Arte, Greek and German ITI
. Dancers: from Dancetheatre of National Theatre Of Northern Greece: Dimitra Charalambous, Elena Topalidou, Amalia Bennett, Panayiotis KontonisFrom Dancetheatre of Irina Pauls: Linda Ryser, Valen Rocamora I Tora, Monica Marin Munoz, Joshua MontenFrom Dell΄Arte : Emila Sumelius, Stephen Bushe.Premiere: 14-10-2002 Pallas Theatre - AthensPerformances
22-10-2002 Royal Theatre - Thessaloniki
04-11-2002 Werkraum Theatre Heidelberg
15-11-2002  - Hamburg


"Forever" Edafos Dance Company

Sound processing and mastering for:

Dance performnce "For Ever" - Edafos Dance Teatre
Concept - Direction - Choreography -  Costume Design: Dimitris Papaioannou
Set Design: Lili Pezanou
Lighting Design: Eleftheria Deko
Masks: Angelos Mendis
Assistant Director : Tina Papanikolaouerformers : Angela Brouskou, Yiannis Dalianis, Nikos Dragonas, Nikos Kalogerakis, Stathis Mermigis, Fotis Nikolaou, Dimitris Papaioannou, Yiannos Perlegas, Stavroula Siamou, AngelikiStellatou, Yiannis Yiaples


Thodoris Abazis - "Romantics"

Sounds, Sound mix and mastering for:

Theatre Play: "Romantics" - Video extracts
from studio19 rehearsals (1998 - 2000)
Music: Thodoris Abazis
Guitar : Christos Zois, Nikos Karantzis
Saxophone : Giannis Papanastasiou
Percussion : Themelis TatarisTheater play " Les Romanesques" - Edmond Rostand
directed by Stathis Livathinos
Theater : Epikentro (Patra - Greece)
by dipethe Patras.


"Breathe" by Danae Stratou

Sound synthesis and sound design for:

Installation "Breathe" by Visual Artist Danae Stratou.
[ Kylindromiloi Sarantopoulou, at Caminia Piraeus 2000]……Deep within the ground there are caverns and tunnels and ways for the sacred energy to travel. Earth inhales and exhales just as we do; sacred life energy moves within her body as it does in ours…
[ “Contemporary Arts Museum” - Raleιgh North Carolina (USA) – 2000 ]…
[ 1st Valencia Biennale (Spain) - 2001 ].


"Water Section" by Danae Stratou

Sound synthesis & sound design for:

Installation "Water Section" by Danae Stratou.
In Water Section, flowing water was arrested and made to look static, almost like glass, reflecting the surrounding space, and in Breathe inanimate earth was energized and given movement. The sound was created especially for these two environments. In Water Section, the sensation of motion, currant and flow is provided by the liquid, metallic sounds that compel the viewer to walk along the line of water and enter the rhythm of motion and direction of it's straight line-a line of water which dissects the space along its length.
[ “Contemporary Arts Museum” - Raleιgh North Carolina (USA) – 2000 ]…[ 1st Valencia Biennale (Spain) - 2001 ].



"Human Thirst" Edafos Dance Theatre

Sound & Sound Design for the dance performance:

"Human Thirst" Edafos Dance Theatre
Concept-Direction-Choreography: DimitrisPapaioannou
Music: Giya Kancheli, Yorgos Koumendakis, Arvo Pärt, Alexander Scriabin, Richard Strauss, Vassilis Tsitsanis, Yiannis Papaioannou, Giuseppe Verdi
Set & Costume Design: Lili Pezanou
Lighting Design: Alekos Yiannaros
Make-up: Angelos Mendis
Assistant Director: Tina Papanikolaou
Performers (1999 - 2001): Nikos Dragonas, Nikos Kalogerakis, Fotis Nikolaou, Zoe Paneriti, Tassos Papaioannou, Stavroula Siamou, Angeliki Stellatou, Yiannis Yiaples



Thodoris Abazis - "Don Zuan"

Sounds, Sound mix and mastering for:

Theatre Play: "DON JUAN KOMMT AUS DEM KRIEG" - Video extracts from studio19 rehearsals and performances (1998 - 2000)
Music: Thodoris Abazis
English Horn : Ntina Desilla
Violin : Apollon Gramatikopoulos
Viola : George Karaboulat
Cello : Costas Theos
(Theater play " Don Zuan" - by Eden Von Horvath
directed by Dimitris Kataleifos.
Theater : Empros-Athens - Greece)



Dimitris Kamarotos - Theatre Music

Sounds, sound mix and mastering for:

Audio CD: "Ophelia Act" - Video extracts
from studio rehearsals and performances (1998 - 2000) Music: Dimitris Kamarotos.
Singers : Mihail Marmarinos & Amalia Moutousi. Theater play "Electra" - Sophocles
directed by Mihail Marmarinos
at Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus (August 1998)
by diplous Eros theatre ensemble. Theater play "Hamlet-the bite of the serpent" W.Shakespeare
directed by Mihail Marmarinos
at "Theseum a theatre for the arts"
by diplous Eros theatre ensemble.
Dimitris Kamarotos & Amalia Moutousi Concerts.



"Dracula" / studio19st archives

"Dracula" by Edafos Dance Company

Sound design, live sound mix for the dance performance:

"DRAKOULAS" for 14 performers
by Edafos Dance Theatre In cooperation with the
Greek National Theatre.
Concept - Direction: Dimitris Papaioannou.
Music: George Koumendakis.
[Theatre Kotopouli - REX, Athens 5/1997]        
Music for Dracula performance (soundtrack) released on CD by Edafos Dance Theatre.
Orchestra : Ensemble «ACTIS» - Conducted by:
Olivier Cuendet
Choir : "EMMELIA" chamber choir - Conducted by: Valery Oreshkin
Solo Soprano : Mata Katsouli



"Brothers Grimm fairytales" / studio19 archives"

"Brothers Grimm fairytales"

Sound and music synthesis, sound design, live sound mix for the performance:

"Brothers Grimm fairytales" in co-operation with composer George Koumedakis, Olia Lasaridou
and Dimitris Papaioannou - Edafos Dance Theatre.
(Grimm's fairytalestales was published in CD by the LYRA and AGRA publish company.)
[ Premiere, Argos Ancient Theatre 16/5/1996 ]...
[ Patras International Festival, Patras 18/6/1996 ]…
[ Goethe-Institut 2 performances - Athens 10/1996 ]…
[ Theatre Katia Dandoulaki - Athens 11/1996 ]…
[ Athens Municipal Theatre - Athens 1/1997 ]…
[ Municipal Theatre of Veroia - Veroia 17/1/1997 ]…
[ Theatre Amalias - Thessaloniki,  - 12&13/4/1997 ]…
[ 4th Kalamata international dance festival /7/1998 ]...
[ 12th Renaissance Festival of Rethymno, 17/8/1998 ].



"Goodby stories"1- Dimitris Kamarotos

"Goodby stories"2 - Dimitris Kamarotos/Savina Yannatou

"Goodby stories"3 - Dimitris Kamarotos/Amalia Moutousi

Sounds, Sound mix and mastering for:

Audio CD: "Goodby stories" Music for performances
of the theatre company Diplous Eros.
Music: Dimitris Kamarotos for the performances:
1) "Kafka - Odyssey - Argos"
2) "Kaldeway Farce" Botho Strauss
3) "5 music movements for bass" with vasilis Papavasileiou
4) "Camera degli Sposi" George Veltsos
5) "Medea III / Fragments" M. Marmarinos
6) "Hamlet Machine" Heiner Muller
7) "Medea fragments" Heiner Muller
8) "Medea" Euripides - M. Marmarinos
Double Audio CD Credits:
Artistic Production : M. Marmarinos
Recordings, mix, mastering: Studio 19
Audio engineers: Bokos Costas, Vasilis kountouris
Production :Theatre Company : Diplous Eros
© 1993 -1996 Dimitris Kamarotos
Video credits :
Video editing & optic design: Vasilis Kountouris.
Sound editing, mixing & mastering: Costas Bokos.
Technical co-ordination of production: T.P.T. (The Perfect Team).
Production: S19st Production Team 2012.
(studio19st archives).



"A minute of silence" by Edafos Dance Company

Sound design, live sound mix for the dance performance:

"A minute of silence" of Edafos Dance Theatre,
Concept - Direction: Dimitris Papaioannou.
Music: George Koumendakis "Requiem for the end of Love" & Manos Hatzidakis "Songs of Sin".
(Music by George Koumentakis projects "Requiem for the End of Love" and "Iphigenia in Bridge of Arta "was released on CD, produced by Studio19 and Edafos Dance Theatre).
[ Old electricity factory in Moshato – Athens ]



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