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studio19st (Vasilis K. Koundouris - Costas I. Bokos)

Vassilis K. Kountouris and Kostas I. Bokos consist the group called studio19st. The name of the group emerges from their physical space, a modern audio and multimedia laboratory (studio19) which aims to creative production process in the field of multimedia. Specializing on composing, recording, designing, processing and producing music, sound and audiovisual material for performances, movies, the music industry, multimedia and art installations. The recording-multimedia studio functions as an instrument for enabling a creative approach to sound, music and visual synthesis. They have collaborated with musicians, composers, directors, choreographers, filmmakers and visual artists using different kinds of technologies in order to contribute to the creational process.


The Studio19st has collaborated with various institutions within the framework of research projects and sound applications: “The Sound Map of Greece” - General Secretariat for Research and Technology, International Computer Music Conference “I.C.M.C '97” (Thessalonica), international exhibition “BYZANTINE HOURS” (Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens), Multimedia installation “Athens 2002- Absolute Realism” at  8th International Architecture Exhibition (Venice), “The Grand Promenade” International Exhibition (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens), “Ancient Agora of Athens” at “Tholos” dome-shaped Virtual Reality “Theatre” ( Foundation of the Hellenic World, Athens), Special happening at the "inauguration of the Foundation for Literature and Arts " of Onassis Cultural Centre (Athens) etc.


Furthermore, they have collaborated to produce audio, music and visual material for various theatre and dancing companies such as: The National Theatre of Greece, The National Theatre of Northern Greece, Stoa Theatre, Art Theatre, Edafos Dance Theatre, Theseum Enseble, Octana Dance Company, Landscape Dance Company, X-it Dance Company, Analysis Dance Company, etc.


They have carried out sound design for cinema  movies, many theatre & dance performances such as:  "One minute of silence", "Grimm's fairytales" and "Dracula" by Edafos Dance Theatre, directed by Dimitris Papaioannou "Ajax" by Sophocles with the National Theatre of Northern Greece, directed by Vassilis Papavassiliou, "Oedipus Tyrannous" by Sophocles with the National Theatre at the ancient theatre of Epidaurus, directed by Vassilis Papavassiliou, “Dying as a Country” and "Insenso / Opera" by Dimitris Dimitriadis directed by Michael Marmarinos with Theseum Enseble for the Athens Festival.  The team have also collaborated with Dimitris Kamarotos for sound design of the feature films "Hours" of Antouanetta Angelides and "New York-Beograd" directed by Nikita Milivogievits. With Nikos Kornilios for the feature films "The World Again" and "Music of the faces". Also with Theodore Abazis for dance theater performances such as "Rigmina" by Mary Tsouti and "Lapland" by Ioanna Portolou with the dance group "Griffon" (at Megaron The Athens Concert Hall) and for the feature film of Antouanetta Angelides "Thief or Reality."


They have created audio and visual compositions for multimedia productions, art installations and various performances such as: "Tenant 2nd image” plastic art Installation by Andreas Voussouras (Fournos), "Water Section and Breathe" installation by Danae Stratou (at Piraeus and Valencia Biennale), “Daughters of the Rhine” by Vassiliki Tsekoura in the framework of the exhibition “InSitu” (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens). “Athens 2002: Absolute realism” Greece-National participation in the framework of “Biennale di Venezia” - 8th International Architecture Exhibition, Venice). Audio & video  Installation “Rivers of Life” by Danae Stratou in the framework of the international Exhibition of contemporary Art “TRANSCULTURES” at Megaron The Athens Concert Hall (National Contemporary Museum of Modern Art.-“CULTURAL OLYMPIAD” Hellenic Ministry of Culture). Visual synthesis and processing for the dance performance "Variation ND" choreography by Valia Alexandratou- Analysis Dance Company at Acropol theater. Sound synthesis and sound design for the installations "See through" and "Cut" 7 dividing lines of Danae Stratou (at Zoumboulakis Galleries-Athens).Visual processing for musical performances " Musique des chambres " by Savina Yannatou. Sound synthesis for installation "THE SOMA "of Danae Stratou (Thessaloniki, Seville, Athens). Visual synthesis and image processing for the theatre performances " Lisbon " and " Dot GR "directed by Thanasis Papageorgiou at Stoa Theater. Sound processing & synthesis for the installation project  by Danae Stratou" ICE SONGS "(La Verrere Fondation d'enterprise Hermes, Brussels). Special titles synthesis & image processing for the theatre performances "pushy" by M. Hourmouzi at Athens Festival and " Koutroulis marriage" at National Theatre, directed by Vassilis Papavasiliou. Sound and Visual  synthesis-processing in colaboration with Danae Stratou to create the video installation "CITY PARTICLES", in the international exhibition "Eleventh Plateu". Synthesis and image processing for Digital Video Dance "Start From Scratch" of Maria Wiener. (Dancescreen-Moving Media Festival, Amsterdam). Visual synthesis, processing and titles animation for the show-concert "The agreement of the Poets" from the guitar group "GUITARTE". Image processing (& subtitling) for the production of visual materials for the theatre play "ACROPOLIS-reconstruction", directed by Michael Marmarinos. Sound and image synthesis and processing for the installation project by Danae Stratou "The Globalising Wall | 2012", international exibition: "RESTLESS" (Festival Adelaide, Australia). Image processing for the production of optical materials for the theatre play of the National Theatre "The Mother of the Dog" by Paul Matesi directed by Nikita Milivogevits. Audio-visual synthesis to create material for the Installation Project by Danae Stratou "it's time to open the black boxes" (at Zoumboulakis Galleries-Athens). Visual synthesis for concert of Tomas Weiss & "Emotone". Audio and video synthesis in cooperation with Danae Stratou for the creation of the video installation "ICE SONGS2" (exibition "SonicTime" at the National Museum of Contemporary Art).


Among the artists who have at times worked and collaborate with the studio19st are : Dimitris Kamarotos, Thodoris Abazis, Yorgos Mouloudakis, Nikos Kypourgos, George Koumentakis, Savina Yannatou, Aris Christofellis, Laurie Anderson, Bertand Cantat, Louise Kostoula, Nikos Xydakis, Stella Gadedi, Floros Floridis, Anda Pitsou, Tania Giannouli, Nikos Chatzieleftheriou, Dimitris Kourtakis, Thanassis Papageorgiou, Anna Synodinou, Xenia Kalogeropoulou, Nikita Milivogievits, Robert Wilson, Viktor Arditis, Michael Marmarinos, Vassilis Papavasiliou, Tassos Bantis, Lefteris Vogiatzis, Anna Kokkinou, Roula Pateriaki, Konstantinos Konstantopoulos, Angeliki Kounenidaki, Maria Savva, Thanassis Sarantos, Loukia Ricaki, Antouanneta Angelides, Nikos Kornilios, Konstantinos Giannaris, George Giannelis, Danae Stratou, Vasiliki Tsekoura, Andreas Vousouras, Mairi Tsouti, Valia Alexandratou, Ioanna Parali, Dimitris Papaioannou, Konstantinos Rigos, Ioanna Portolou, Fotis Nikolaou etc.


They have also compose music and sound material for the performances "The Suppliants" by Aeschylus with  Praxis Theatre directed by A. Kounenidaki (at Brussels), "Grimm's fairytales" in collaboration with George Koumentakis Olia Lazaridou and Dimitris Papaioannou with Edafos Dance Theatre (Argos Festival), "Cocteau-Dickinson-Becket" 3 one-act plays by Anna Kokkinou, directed by Constantinos Giannaris (Sfendoni Theatre), "Caligula" by Albert Camus, directed by Thanasis Sarantos (New World Theater), "Transport 3-0-1," directed by Elena Pegga (National Theatre Experimental Stage), "Rigmina" in collaboration with Theodore Abazis and dance group Analia, director-choreographer Mary Tsouti (Megaron The Athens Concert Hall), "In the shadow of memory", directed by Eleutheria Emmanuel (Alcmene Theatre), "Little Prince" by A.S. Exupery, directed by Thanassis Sarantos (3rd Festival of Tripoli), "Mt.Kitheron" in collaboration with Dimitris Kourtakis, choreographer Konstantinos Rigos with National Theater of Northern Greece (Athens-Thessaloniki-Heidelberg), "Street Mampot" from "Ulysses" by James Joyce directed by nikos Kornilios (Workshop Theatre-Athens), "Lapland" in collaboration with Theodore Abazis, choreographer Ioanna Portolou with dance group "griffon" (Megaron The Athens Concert Hall, Cultural Olympiad / Theatre Poreia, "Ungly" by M.F.Magienmpourgk, directed by Thanassis Sarantos, National Theatre) etc.


In addition, studio19st have made a special sound design, as well as synthesis of sounds and music composition in cooperation with Yorgos Mouloudakis for the silent film "FAUST" by F.B Murnau  (1926), in the framework of the festival "Greece in Britain", first live performance on stage by studio19st and Yorgos Mouloudakis in (Royal Festival Hall-Purcell Room, London). Sound and music synthesis for the multimedia performance “Unity 2004” in co-operation with the Yorgos Mouloudakis (Theatre Epi Kolono). Sound music and video synthesis for the multimedia trilogy “Eye Story” in co-operation with the composers: G.Koumedakis-N.Kypourgo-Y.Mouloudakis at Dais Cultural Center (Athens). Sound & music synthesis in co-operation  with T.Abazis for the special interactive performances “Athena at the Ancient Agora” & “Interactive Tour at the Ancient Agora” at Tholos, dome-shaped Virtual Reality “Theatre” (Foundation of the Hellenic World - Athens). Sound & visual synthesis in collaboration with Stella Gadedi and Yorgos Mouloudakis for the multimedia performance “city 1” (Theater Sfendoni, Athens).


The team also worked for the sound design of the performance  "Odyssey" of Homer, directed by Robert Wilson, at the National Theatre of Greece.  A joint production with Milan's Piccolo Teatro-Teatro di Europa. Athens performances: October 2012 – March 2013. Milan performances: March 2013.


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