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Organization of work


In the summer of 1994 a series of co-operations started with musicians, composers, directors, choreographers, plastic artists etc, for the production of audio-visual materials for performances of plays, concerts, art installations, films and music industry. The team of studio19 also started to create special designs and studies for many of these productions. The team started applying the first results from the research of previous years (1985-1993) and started using the infrastructure (technical and creational).


The team is constantly trying to combine ongoing research with their works and they are collecting, classifying, registering and storing in a special filing and evaluation system designed by them a great number of data. Thus, there is continuous evolvement and enhancement of the infrastructure. The multimedia team uses the results of this effort as a basic instrument for creativity.


Some of the most important projects for the studio19 multimedia team are presented in this section.








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