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Applied meta-tech not a secret any more !

Now is the time for free stochastic creation. Communication between the arts, technology and common sense practice, is an every day strong-strong demand of contemporary non modern era.



(Formalized Music - Free Stochastic Music)


Art, and above all, music has a fundamental function,

which is to catalyze the sublimation that it can bring about

through all means of expression. It must aim through fixations

which are landmarks to draw towards a total Exaltation

in which the individual mingles, losing his consciousness

in a Truth immediate, rare, enormous, and perfect. If a work of art

succeeds in this undertaking even for a single moment, it attains its goal…!!


This tremendous Truth is not made of objects, emotions, or sensations;

it is beyond these, As Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony is beyond music.

This is why art can lead to realms that religion still occupies for some people.


But this transmutation of every-day artistic material which transforms

trivial products into meta-art is a secret. The “possessed” reach it without

knowing its “mechanisms.”The others struggle in the ideological and technical

mainstream of their epoch which constitutes the perishable “climate”

and the stylistic fashion. Keeping our eyes fixed on this  supreme meta-artistic

goal, we shall attempt to define in a more modest manner the paths which

can lead to it from our point of departure, which is the magma

of contradictions in present music.


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