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Studio 19's two-fold position:


a. The Place

Small but versatile (total area covers 140m2 of  which 110m2 are useful

and shaped into 7 different rooms) :


1. Control Room No1

2. Control Room No2

3. General purpose & Recording area

4. Entrance small Hall – 5 Kitchenette – 6 WC – 7 D.I.Y Room

Studio19 small Katopsi

b. The Team

The basic team of studio19 is a production group based on new technologies using the infrastructure of their place as their basic instrument. They also use a versatile, portable digital sound & multimedia system. This system can be transferred easily outside the studio for meeting the needs of various creative applications.

The basic idea of the way the studio19st functions is not to be restricted to the tools of the Studio, nor to specific technologies. The sound system as a whole in combination with the equipment (hardware & software) used for multimedia is considered as a special instrument, which creates the capability to produce in many different ways allowing experimentation and productivity in a well balanced situation.

Studio 19 the team



Basic description 


Practically there are three totally independent-parallel workspaces, based on digital workstations with multi-level orientation of applications. Control Room No1 is mainly orientated towards music and sound production for several uses. Control Room No2 is mainly orientated to Digital Video in co-operation with the "creative production of sound" and multi-media.  Room No3 is mainly orientated for the use of recording from the two control rooms as well as the installation of the portable digital sound system, which converts it into a fully functional Project Studio (& Control Room). This room can be used of course for special audio & multimedia-installations rehearsals. 

studio19 general plan




Studio 19



Various workstations are in different rooms, which communicate in various ways.

for this reason four different intranets were set up:


1st Computer Net

2nd Audio Net

3rd Midi Net

4rth Speakers Net


studio19 audiosystem


Audio Net - Main description

The sound system of the space consists of three different systems located in rooms No1, No2 & No3. These systems function either autonomously or in combination. There is acoustic communication among the four basic places. These systems are based on three different mix systems.

studio19 audio net

Studio19 MIDI Net

The MIDI system consists of three different systems located in rooms No1, No2 & No3. These systems function either autonomously or in combination. There is communication among the Three basic places.

MIDI System - Control Room Νο1

Basic communication withMIDI programmable Patch bays & 2 MIDI Panels
1) AKAI ME30 (4 IN-8 OUT),
3) MIDI Patch Panel P.B.(1β) (Χ16) - 4) MIDI Patch Panel P.B.(1γ) (Χ16)

MIDI Syncronization:
1) XRI XR300 SMPTE to MIDI Syncronizer
2) DATAMASTER (Optional) ADAT MIDI Syncronizer -3) UNITOR 8 (Optional) MIDI interface & Syncronizer

MIDI Interface :

Emagic MT4
(Optional)USB MIDI Interface For Mac



studio19 MIDI LINES



Studio19 Speakers Net


The total area is covered with 35 speaker lines. These lines can be used in a lot of different ways.& cover rooms Νο1, Νο2, Νο3, Νο4.  One of the goals of s this system is making models for sound installations.  We can examine the system by deviding it in three levels. 1st  level : communication points & lines, 2nd level: Sources(Speakers), 3rd level: amplification systems.

    1. 1) communication points & lines (X35):
        1. =Control room Νο1 with 11 points-lines suports stereo, various surround systems & multi-phonic(Χ8).systems
        2. = Control room Νο2 with 7 points-lines suports stereo, various surround systems
        3. = Control room Νο3 with points-lines suports stereo, various surround systems & multi-phonic(Χ8).systems, Speakers (Χ26)
        4. = Room Νο4 with 2 lines
    2. 2) Sources(Speakers),  (X26):
        1. = Control room Νο1 with 8 speakers. AMR PRM10 Main Monitors X2, DAS Factor 5 small monitors X2, HiFi Pioneer X2, HiFi Sony X2 or Absolute Zero Soundcraft Near field monitors(optional)
        2. = Control room Νο2 withι 8 speakers. Absolute Zero Soundcraft Near field monitors, Yamaha small self-Powered computer speakers X4, Fostex 6301B small self-Powered computer speakers X2
        3. = Room Νο3 with 12 speakers. Absolute Zero Soundcraft Near field monitors, Beyma PA speakers X2, Sony Subwoofer SA-V305G, Sony SSv305 X4, Sony SSCN305 X1, Philips HiFi speakers X2
    3. 3) amplification systems  (Χ6+4 self-powered) – different amplification lines (X22):
        1. = Control room Νο1 with 4 stereo amplifier(8 ampl.lines)
        2. = Control room Νο2 with 1 Surround amplifier (5 ampl.lines), and 6 self amplif. speakers( total 11 ampl.lines).
        3. = Room Νο3 with self amplif Subwoofer
        4. =Room Νο4 with 1 PA stereo amplifier (2 ampl.lines),mainly used for monitor in room No2

studio19 speakers net


Sound system of control room No1

The sound system of control room No1 is the main system for sound control in Studio 19. Its design and its construction meet the specifications required for providing optimal conditions for auditions even on a 24 hour basis. The soundproofing construction (room-into-room construction) allows loud auditions even at late hours. Its acoustics provide good conditions for sound engineering & for mixing sound materials.

The main design for the tasks that can be carried out, comprises all activities besides the standart ones i.e. sound engineering, montage, mix and mastering. Therefore, it can be used as a project studio and as search & development lab in various sound applications.

The basic idea of the way the space functions is not to be restricted on the tools of the Studio, nor on specific technologies. The sound system as a whole is considered as musical multi-instrument providing the opportunity of creating in many and different ways sounds-music.

The basic aim of design regarding the production of sound is to comprise as many different ways as possible as well as working techniques.

studio19 CR1 speaker system


Control Room1 Sound Synthesis Systems

studio19 CR1 Sound synthesis systems


Control Room No2

Video & Multimedia system


In this room is placed the intranet-internet equipment: Server,ISDN Router,modem,fast ethernet switch,Lan P.B.
Four computers: One Main PC, two Apple computers and one server PC.

Digital Video Station:Based on Apple Mac with USB & Firewire ports, Monitors, with PCI card transcoder “Digital Media Press” witch converts DV to MPEG2 & MPEG2 to DV with firewire I/O & high speed transfers.
Two video decks:JVC HR DVS1(double player with DV-SVHS-VHS format) & JVC HR8500
Two digital video cameras JVC DV1(mini DV) & Sony digital Hi8
One DVD Player Pioneer  DV-626D with Dolby digital & Dts decoder (96kHz-24bit convertor)
One Audio-Video Sony Amplifier with multi channel-surround decoder & digital sound processing
Two Syncronizers: Unitor 8 (with LTC,VITC.MIDI Sync) & dataMaster (ADAT-MIDI-LTC Sync)
Multichannel Audio Systems:ADAT(8track)
One DAT audio DAP-1 Tascam,Cassete recorder Teac V377
Analog Mixer (20-4(+4)-2)
Mac Software:Final cut, Premier,imovie,Media cleaner,Digital Media Press,iDVD,Final Cut Pro,DVD Studio Pro
Main PC Multimedia station:Web Deesign,Flash,Dream weaver,Fireworks,Photoshop,Ilustrator,Director


Sound System of Control Room No2

The sound system of control room No2 can function autonomously like a control room based on a digital workstation Mac (or PC) with an analog sound console. Its basic use is multimedia production in relation to sound. The overall design for the tasks that can be carried out includes tasks besides the standard ones. It can also be used as a project studio in various designs in combination with multimedia and video. The existing equipment supports basically the digital sound technology. The space communicates in terms of sound with control room No1 and No2 allowing the use of other sound systems, which are not in the same space. There is also the possibility to monitor the sound of this system in control room No1, which has good acoustics.
Besides the digital workstation in Mac there are two more computer systems, which can either autonomously or in combination function like Digital Audio work stations (DAW). The one system is based on the main PC of sound and another Mac.

The basic idea of the way the space functions is not to be restricted to the tools of the Studio, nor to specific technologies. The sound system as a whole in combination with the equipment used for digital video is considered as a multi-media instrument, which creates the capability to produce in many different ways material  for providing the opportunity of creating complex materials –audio & video- which their synthesis allows experimentation and more specific results.



Room No3

This space is used for different working tasks:


Recordings from both control rooms (1&2),monitor of image and sound (surround),working tasks in the portable sound system, which are located in this space, rehearsals, trials.

In this room thereis a big tv set and a video projector used for video monitor. There is also a series of loud speakers (X12) for different uses. There are also storage spaces and there has been an effort, after the last reconstruction, to enhance the acoustics with the addition of a series of mobile panels, which on the one side are reflexive and on the other hand soundproofing. There are also from previous constructions, pending roof panels, which can be placed in any place of the room to create soundproofing areas.

There is also a special place and infrastructure for the installation of the portable sound system. This consists of a working place from the one side of the room, on which  the system can be installed both physically and electronically, creating a "light" control room. This room can be used for recording purposes, using as a recording room control room No1 &N4. Furthermore, it can be used as a project studio, for pre-production or in combination with the rest of the spaces as it communicates in terms of sound, electronically and through the local intranet.




Studio 19 Portable system of sound

(or Studio 19 Sound Projection System)


This system could be described as a portable multi-instrument which can be used for the production and execution of sound installations-performances-concerts.

This system is classified in two Modes

  1. Mode of creation of sounds and syntheses.
  2. Mode of "Installation" & performance of materials - "live" in public places.

Basically, it could be said that this means the communication of Studio19 production line with performance spaces.

The materialization of this plan is based on new technologies which give us the opportunity to design a "light", versatile & portable system of relatively low cost, which can be combined with other systems, too, either in concerts or in installations or in external recordings, or even like a small portable studio, which can undertake a whole production on its own.

This idea of course is not limited in the various tools it consists of, nor of particular tech' but on the possibility of utilising capabilities in combination with knowledge and clear perception of purpose and goals.

studio19 Sound-projection-system



Studio19 LAN



The local intranet has the following features: high speed, single protocol, availability so that users have the following options: deconcentrated work environment with alternative use of workstations and versatility in moving work tasks and resources which are not in a specific workstation. The intranet supports up to 16 computers, today there is 1 server and 6 workstations.


Net topology: Star-Ethernet

Specifications: IEEE 802.3 10/100/1000Base-T

Net cabling: F/STP Cat5e (enhanced)

Net Protocol: TCP/IP, Apple Talk

Net Speed: 10/100/1000Mbps/sec


Net Type: Basic: Server – Client
Windows & Mac OSX advanced Server v.4
(Server-to-many PCs/Mac's

Secondary: Peer-to-peer (Mac-to-Mac, PC-to-PC)



Taking into consideration the new data in the telecommunications field and the need for more direct and frequent contact, the inter-linking of the Local Net with the Internet was designed, focusing on the new trends and developments in our field, and on the improvement of the communication with the clients of the Studio.


1(+1) routers were installed, which take up one of the workplaces and functions as a portal with the users (multiple access) with the external environment (WEB sites, e-mail, FTP, audio-video broadcasting, …), allowing, thus, the access to authorized or non external users to the local server.


Type:    ROUTER with incorporated Modem

Ethernet:           10/100/1000 Base-T

Protocol:            TCP/IP

Modem Type:     ISDN

Router 3COM

D Link Wireless system



LAN connection – internet – intranet – Digital Media General Plan No3





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