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L. Project 1 : studio19st Projects

[ Audio-visual projects synthesized & composed exclusively by the team]


The studio19st team in-between various projects produces a lot of audio-visual (AV) materials and R & D results. Many of them consumed by running projects, but there is good number that remain unused. There is a big database (for all these (AV) materials, R&D results & ideas), so sometimes just for pleasure or for experimentation the team uses these... to create " (AV) test compositions" and sometimes full projects...…



L. Project 2 : studio19st collaborations.

[ audio visual materials from various projects ]


Co-operations for various projects with, composers,directors, choreographers, plastic artists, musicians, filmmakers, visual artists etc.rojects with musicians, composers, directors, choreographers, plastic artists etc.


L. Project 3: New?... "Art Music".

[ audio & visuals  from an interesting sound world ]


What about “New Music”… Electroacoustic music or Acousmatic music ?...

musical instruments music?…mixed music?…computer music ???

But what about Fundamentals..! such as: Brief History of 20th Century Music,

Contemporary Music, Electronic Music Documentaries or Art & Experimental Pop.





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