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Video :

videos made by studio19st multimedia team 


CD: "rosa das rosas" - Σαν αγάπη ή σαν φώς

Underwater video by Vasilis Kountouris-installation by Radart team
Video editing:Savina Yannatou, Vasilis Kountouris (studio19st)

"Start from Scratch" at dancescreen - CINEDANS - 2010

The digital choreography and soundtrack of "Start from Scratch" attempt to reveal the feelings of liberation, anguish, fear and excitement that people experience when they have to adapt to new beginnings. This work is a study and testimony on how humans are deconstructing themselves into their different segments before they synthesize again, through countless options and chaotic trajectories, revealing their unimaginable potential. From that point the gradual selection, coordination and mental cleansing of their next moves and actions enrich them with inner strength, wisdom, hope and vision. That is why to "start from scratch" is a "blessing in disguise"!

Choreography by Maria Wiener Piece
Instrumental Composer : Mikael Delta
Soloist : Jamie Dryburgh
Production Company : studio19st (Greece)
Co-Production Company Maria Wiener (UK)
Producer, Director, Camera : Maria Wiener
Editor : Vasilis Kountouris (studio19st)
Digital video processing (painting?) : Vasilis Kountouris (studio19st)
Production Year/Duration : 2010/7'26"
Recorded Motion Capture Lab : Sheffield Hallam University

LowResFestival (drones & noise) Live performances at Vyrsodepseio - Athens
A proposal by Dimitris and Nikos Kamarotos Kyriazopoulos

Space Design / Path Creation : Eva Manidaki (architect)
Fotis Grill ( assistant )
Creating water Chladni graphs in real time / Video: Vasilis Kountouris (studio19st)

Line-up:Giorgos Axiotis,Giorgos Georgiou,Akis Daoutis,Alexandros Drimonitis,Thodoris Zioutos,Dimitris Kamarotos
Dimitris Karagiorgos,Vasilis Kountouris (studio19st), Marinos Koutsomihalis,Giannis Kotsonis,Nikos Kiriazopoulos,Ilan Manouach,Manolis Manousakis,Akis Sinos,Danae Stefanou,Acte Vide,Τim Ward,Studio19st,ISE,Balinese Beast

"the building tattoo" (electric jackhammer-SOLO): Haralambos Poumbouridis

Video trailer credits :
/// Video camera : Vasilis Kountouris (Studio19st) /// Editing & optic design: Vasilis Kountouris (Studio19st)
/// Technical co-ordination of production: T.P.T. (The Perfect Team)
/// Production: S19st Production Team 2014.

el culto presents: Databloem Label Night

Live in concert : Tomas Weiss: Emotone : Con_Sense
Video by Vasilis Kountouris (Studio19st)


Music: Emotone (Tomas Weiss & Tania Giannouli)
Video by Vasilis Kountouris (Studio19st)


Choreography : Ioanna Parali
Video by Vasilis Kountouris (Studio19st)

[city 1], Multimedia music performance for flute, guitar, live surround sound & video projection
Stella Gadedi - flute, Yorgos Mouloudakis - guitar.

Sound design, sound synthesis & video by Costas Bokos & Vasilis Kountouris of studio19st (multimedia team).

Two celebrated Greek virtuosos -- flutist Stella Gadedi and guitarist Yorgos Mouloudakis -- perform 'all-time classics' in a mood that is close to 'pop', as they pick out the profile of an imaginary city, made up of bits of other towns or cities, neighbourhoods or districts, people, times, moments, and sounds.

They have appeared for Greece at important international festivals and have worked for several years with pioneering audiovisual technologies in live performances -- in the experimental setting of "studio19st". It was this latter experience that has led them to propose a distinct and immediately recognizable novel approach to established recital formats.

Works by Satie, Piazzolla, Stravinsky, Dyens, Ibert, Gossec, Hadjidakis and others, follow the composers' itineraries within their own towns in the manner that snatches of music accompany us within our real or imaginary 'cities'.

About the sound: the live performance of the musicians in combination with the daring sound design achieved by "studio19st" (multimedia team) give the listener a feeling of 'being there'. In between the pieces are the brash intrusions of city 1's urban soundscape: the cries of children playing in the square, cars whizzing by, people's voices heard from a light-well, hawkers in the Varvakios Market, whispering from the flat next door, a train rumbling into Theseion metro station...

[city 1] is available on CD from SIRIUS record company.

Danae Stratou intro

Sound mix & sound design: Costas Bokos (studio19st) & Vasilis Kountouris (Studio19st)
Video by Vasilis Kountouris (Studio19st)

" Variation N.D " Dance performance by Analysis Dance Company
Choreography Valia Alexandratou

The work premiered on May 3, 2006 at the "Acropol" Theatre of the Greek National Opera in Athens.Sound & music

"Variation N.D." is a re-imagined adaptation of the choreography "Continuous Painting," first presented by Analysis Dance Company on February 9, 1998 at the Sylvia and Danny Kaye Playhouse in New York.
The choreographic synthesis conjoins movement to paintings projected on stage and gives expression through dance to eleven Ideas-Paintings that serve as a structural element of the architecture of the stage.

With new movement and selections from the work of Nassos Daphnis, the choreography includes the following parts: "Black and Yellow on White," "Red Valse," "White Line," "Red and Blue on Yellow, White and Black," "Dis Integration," "Valse Triste," and "Circles and the Last Valse".

Performance & presentation video by Vasilis Kountouris (Studio19st)

Intro videos for

Sound synthesis, sound mix & sound design: Costas Bokos (studio19st) & Vasilis Kountouris (Studio19st)
Photography by Danae Stratou
Video by Vasilis Kountouris (Studio19st)

Vital Space is built on the belief in the power of art to change the world. It is a participatory platform for all those who believe that an artistic perspective can help civilise, humanise and, even, rationalise the debate on the current confluence of environmental and economic crises. The platform functions as an open invitation to artists, scientists, activists, theorists, historians etc. to contribute diverse viewpoints from which to look again at the mounting problems regarding Humanity's relationship with Nature and with itself.

Vital Space aspires to create a deeper awareness about the most pressing issues of our time and to discern how art can be used to reach and influence a wider audience across the world. Acting as a cross-media art platform on which to pose questions concerning globalization and the plight of the environment, Vital Space creates a dialogue regarding the most vital issues of our time and how these can be addressed and expressed through art.

Vital Space revolves around two main axes: (a) the creation and production of visual art works, and (b) the initiation of research programs, conferences, publications and the formation of educational and media products designed to reach and influence a wide and diverse audience. Vital Space is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 by artist Danae Stratou and economist Yanis Varoufakis.


Trailer for silent film festival on March at Goethe Institut & Camp! - Athens
Audio-video synthesis&construction : studio19st-multimedia team

/// Music programming, sound recording, mixes:
Costas Bokos (Studio19).
/// Video camera, editing & titles animation:
Vasilis Kountouris (Studio19)
/// Technical co-ordination of production: T.P.T. (The Perfect Team)
/// Production: S19st Production Team 2012.

Studio19st - © 2012

CITY PARTICLES | Video installation | In collaboration with Vasilis Kountouris | 2011

A 6 Channel Video installation by Danae Stratou in collaboration with Vasilis Kountouris - Studio 19st (2011).

The images used in this video were all taken by Danae Stratou during her 6 month stay in Istanbul in 2010 for the purpose of realising her project Vital Space (Humanity) - Istanbul. During her stay she regularly flew over the city by helicopter. All the images used in this video were chosen from the aerial shots she took during those flights in order to depict that multi layered differences of the city. Paths connecting order and disorder, centre and suburb, privilege and dispossession, formal and informal. The wider Vital Space project is a response to the challenges posed by Globalisation and its discontents; by the plight of the environment; by the ebb and flow of massive migration movements. A momentous urban expansion is spawning the planet’s largest cities, as wave upon wave of migrants abandon the countryside and the periphery. Meanwhile, the surrounding economic wastelands are emptied of people and left in a state of ecological fragility.

Presented at the Eleventh Plateau exhibition. Curator Sozita Goudouna.
Venue: Association of Greek Archaeologists. Oct. 21st - Dec. 11th, Athens, Greece (2011)

Organized by: Out of the Box Intermedia.

"The Soma The Psyche The Spirit The Self " by Danae Stratou

The Soma The Psyche The Spirit The Self is a video installation projected on two facing freestanding walls. It comprises two counter-opposed projections, mirroring one another, and depicting the figure of a Shaolin monk, in his traditional orange robe, moving in from a distance. The two images differ only in that the one is a slightly more ethereal version of the other. The Shaolin monk’s movement is choreographed based on the Tai-Chi form. The space between the two projection screens is energized by the synchronized movements, as he approaches, slowly moving closer and closer toward his ethereal self (in the opposite screen). The energy builds up as the movement becomes increasingly faster, and the choreography shifts seamlessly from Tai-Chi to Kung-Fu. The video is shot in front of the main gate of Berlin’s Olympic Stadium, circa 1936.

Exhibited at:

Bida 2005 - Bienal International del Deporte en el Arte. Curators: Marta Moriarty, Tono Arean, Sania Papa, Christos Savidis. Locations: Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Kaftatzoglio Stadium, Thessaloniki, Greece & Las Atarazanas Reales, Seville, Spain.

Open Plan 2008 - Art Athina. Curator, Bettina M. Busse. Participation with Zone-D Gallery. Athens, Greece.

ICESONGS SQUARED | Video installation | In collaboration with Vasilis Kountouris | 2012

ICESONGS SQUARED comprises a video & sound work which emerged from the site-specific installation ICESONGS created by Danae Stratou and presented at La Verriere, the exhibition space of the Fondation d' Enterprise Hermes, in Brussels in 2010.

The most powerful element of the project was the astounding soundscape which had generated from sounds coming directly from the Antarctic Ocean emitted by the icebergs as they form on Antarctica's edges, they collide against each other, squeeze out into the open sea, sail away and finally melt. These sounds, captured by water microphones1 that are lying on the seabed of the Antarctic, are now used by researchers for monitoring Antarctica's melting ice shelf. Dr Alexander Gavrilov2 and Dr Jason Gedamke3 were kind enough to convert4 a large number of samples from their recordings, on my behalf, of the shifting icebergs' sounds and to share them with me for the purpose of this project.

The final composition of ICESONGS, kept intact in ICESONGS2, is a 20' minute long soundscape comprising 7 "sound-waves". These have been synthesised by transforming and fluctuating the speed of 7 of the original - specially converted - recordings so that they vary in pitch and timbre and in this way reflect the rich range and diverse qualities of the sounds produced by the travelling, braking, colliding and melting of the icebergs.
These Iceberg's songs coming from deep within the Antarctic Ocean are like voices coming out of an imagined landscape, at once familiar and alien, so powerful that they compelled me to attempt, in collaboration with sound and multimedia specialist, Vasilis Kountouris, to create a visual imagery that could potentially accompany the soundscape and thus form a new autonomous work. The result of this collaboration is the video/sound work ICESONGS2 .

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