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Sound design ------------------------------------------------------------------ [ Ελληνικά - (gr) ]




Sound designs for Performances: Dance-Theater :


We have carried out sound design for many theatre & dance performances such as: "Odyssey" of Homer,

directed by Robert Wilson, at the National Theatre of Greece.  A joint production with Milan's Piccolo Teatro-

di Europa. "One minute of silence", "Grimm's fairytales" and "Dracula" by Edafos Dance Theatre, directed by

Dimitris Papaioannou "Ajax" by Sophocles with the National Theatre of Northern Greece, directed by

Vassilis Papavassiliou,"Oedipus Tyrannous" by Sophocles with the National Theatre at the ancient theatre

of Epidaurus, directed by Vassilis Papavassiliou, “Dying as a Country” and "Insenso / Opera" by

Dimitris Dimitriadis directed by Michael Marmarinos with Theseum Enseble for the Athens Festival.

Also with Theodore Abazis for dance theater performances such as "Rigmina" by Mary Tsouti and "Lapland"

by Ioanna Portolou with the dance group "Griffon" (at Megaron The Athens Concert Hall).




Sound designs for Movies :


We have carried out sound design for cinema  movies such as: feature films "Jelena, Katarina, Marija "

directed by Nikita Milivogievits, "Hours", "Thief or Reality." directed by Antouanetta Angelides ,

"The World Again", "Music of the Faces", directed by Nikos Kornilios.





Sound designs for Art Installations :


We have carried out sound design for the installation of the work of Danae Stratou "it's Time to Open The

Black boxes" at Zoumboulakis galleries, Athens. Sound design for video & sound installation “ICESONGS2”
of  Danae Stratou & Vasilis Kountouris. [Participation at the exhibition “Sonic Time” of National Museum

of Contemporary Art (EMST) in Athens, Greece ]. Sound design for the sound installation art work

"Soundscape Fitia" of Panagiotis Vorrias [School of Fine Arts, Athens]. Sound design for the art installation

project "ICE SONGS" by Danae Stratou [La Fondation d'Enterprise Verrere Hermes, Brussels].

Sound design for the installation of Danae's Stratou project "Cut" in  the exhibition "Gray" [Zoumboulakis

Galleries, Athens and Rethymno].

Sound design for the installation "See through" by Danae Stratou. [Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens].

Sound design for video / sound installation "The River of life" of Danae Stratou in the exibition "Intercultural"

the National Contemporary Museum of Modern Art (E.M.S.T.). International contemporary art exhibition

in the Cultural Olympiad, Ministry of Culture [New Wing Megaron the Athens Concert Hall]. 

Sound design for the multimedia installation "Athens 2002 - ABSOLUTE REALISM" [8th International

Exhibition of Architecture Biennale in Venice ]. Sound design for the  plastic art installation "The daughters

of the Rhine", by artist Vasiliki Tsekoura [National Museum of Contemporary Art (E.M.S.T.) - Athens].

Sound design for for two installations "Breathe  and Water Section", by Visual Artist Danae Stratou.

[ Kylindromiloi Sarantopoulou, at Caminia Piraeus, 2000 ]…

[ “Contemporary Arts Museum” - Raleιgh North Carolina USA – 2000 ]…
[ 1st Valencia Biennale (Spain) - 2001 ]. 

Sound design for “plastic” art installation. "Enikos" by “plastic” artist Andreas Voussouras

[ “Fournos”, Athens ].




Sound designs for Music Concerts :


We have carried out sound design for "Voluntary Electrocution - The next Day" Multimedia Concert
with "Modern e-Quartet", with works written specifically for electric string quartet, synthesizers, percussion,
and pre-recorded video projection equipment. [ Mitropoulos Hall at the Megaron the Athens Concert Hall ].

Sound design for mixed concert-performance of silent film “Faust” (1926)  By F. Murnau.Comissioned

by “Greece in Britain” (Hellenic foundation for culture in UK in association with Greek Εmbassy of London).
[ Purcell Room (Royal Festival Hall), London (England) ].
[ Festival “Contemporary Music Days”, Patra 2002 ]...





Sound designs for Multimedia Performances :


We have carried out sound design for multimedia trilogy " Eye Story", in collaboration with

Yorgos Mouloudakis,Nikos Kypourgos and George Koumentakis.
[Small Music Theatre - Athens] ...
[Dais Cultural Center - Athens] ...
[Philippos Nakas Conservatory, Athens 2005] ...
[Days of Contemporary Music, Patra 2005]

Sound design for the multimedia music show "City-1 live" with Stella Gadedi and

Yorgos Mouloudakis.
[First presentation Sfendoni Theatre, Athens] ...
[European Cultural Centre of Delphi, Delphi 2008] ...
[Amfiklia 2008]...

[Aegina International Classic Music Festival 2012]...




Sound designs for Mixed Media Performances :


We have carried out sound design forSound design in collaboration with Theodore Abazis for 

interactive performances "Athena in the Ancient Market" & "Interactive tour in the Ancient Market "
[In the special dome-shaped Virtual Reality hemispheric Theatre "Tholos" at the foundation

of the Hellenic World, Athens 2006 - 2012].

Sound design for the multimedia installation "Athens 2002 - ABSOLUTE REALISM"
[8th International Exhibition of Architecture Biennale in Venice 2002]

Creation of a specific sound installation and sound design in collaboration with Dimitris Kamarotos

for the international exhibition at the Byzantine Museum "Byzantine Hours” (“Works and Days in

Byzantium” Athens - Thessaloniki - Mistras). Ministry of Culture, Directorate of Byzantine and

post Monuments. [Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens 23/10/2001-10/1/2001].

"ICMC 97" International Computer Music Conference in Thessaloniki. Director : Thanassis Rikakis.

Organization of sound events (concerts, presentations, meetings), sound design, installation

and overall supervision of the conference events: Dimitris Kamarotos, Studio19.
At 6 days of the conference in addition to other activities took place about 140 distinct

international shows. [Space: Six different sites as eighteen separate sound booths.

Main areas: 1) Ceremony Hall at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. 2) OLYMPION Hall.

3) Hall [B] in the exhibition hall 8 booth (HELEXPO)] ...[Thessaloniki, 25 - 30/9/1997 ] .



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