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Sound Recordings ( recording studio)  ---------------------------------------- [ Ελληνικά - (gr) ]






Music recordings:


We can accomodate a lot of different kind & size recordings. We work with music ensembles,

bands, string sections, brass sections, big bands, choirs, and everything in between.


Multi-track recording studio (24+ discrete tracks) for CD production, theater plays, dance performances,

live concerts, multimedia performances, mixed media, plastic art installations, demos,

commercial presentations, movies, video, internet.


We can record your music instruments, vocals, sounds and provide you with the individual audio files or full

session project files in almost all audio workstations (Logic Audio, Cubase, Nuendo, Protools etc),

both in Mac Osx or Windows operating systems.


Individual parts overdubbing and solo recording of vocals and instruments for precise editing and mixing.


Planning, budgeting and organization & supervising of recording production.







Special system recordings :


Recordings for use in various systems such as telephone systems.

Recordings texts (voices) and mastering for "IVR" (Interactive Voice Response) systems.








Voice recordings :


Text recordings for radio and television messages, phone messages,
web, presentations, multimedia, dubbing






Sound samples recordings :


Recordings samples (for sampling use) of natural sounds, musical instruments.



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